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By Huang Kunming | China Daily | Updated:2016-11-24 07:36The media should promote China-Latin America pragmatic cooperation. We noticed that many scholars in Latin American think tanks have held discussions and released reports about China-Latin America cooperation recently. They pay close attention to the China model, feel happy to see Chinas transformation, and believe Latin America can learn from Chinas experience in a wide range of areas including making macro plans, developing state-owned enterprises, pushing technological innovations and strengthening social governance, and can fully tap the opportunities presented by Chinas economic transformation. Generally speaking, a growing number of scholars have adopted a rational view of China-Latin America cooperation and have good expectations for it. Thats the mainstream viewpoint, and is also the inevitable trend meeting the peoples wishes. Chinese and Latin American media should seize the momentum of win-win cooperation and common development, set topics conducive to that, widely disseminate the alignment of Chinas and Latin Americas develop ment strategies under the “1+3+6” framework of pragmatic cooperation, and strive to expand common ground and interest convergence. Cooperation between China and Latin America will be a process of mutual accommodation and adaptation. We should look at it rationally and carry out more objective and accurate reports to enhance trust and dispel doubts. The media should clearly report on each others investment policies, market demand and interests, deliver more comprehensive, specific and friendly information to each other, and set the tone of sincerity, friendliness, openness and inclusiveness for China-Latin America cooperation.The media should foster China-Latin America friendliness. Friendly cooperation between China and Latin America requires the active participation of people on both sides and the strong support from all walks of life. An important function and advantage of news media is that they can see far from a high perspective and unite forces. I hope Chinese and Latin American media can strengthen their planning and design, actively set topics, launch extensive discussions, and mobilize the government, enterprises, public and social organizations to take concrete actions to push forward the China-Latin America friendly cooperation. We should take the opportunity of the “Year of China-Latin America Cultural Exchange” in 2016 to consolidate our traditional policy coordination, dialogue, exchanges and production cooperation. More than that we should innovate in our way of communication and launch a batch of special programs. For instance, we can carry out the “contest on the history of China-Latin America exchanges” and “China, Latin-America image survey” on social media and mobile devices, in a bid to deepen the mutual understanding and recognition between our peoples and cultivate a better social and public atmosphere for bilateral relations.While Chinese President Xi Jinping has been paying state visits to Ecuador, Peru and Chile and attending the 24th APEC Economic Leaders Meeting, Chinese media have continuously released a lot of reports and programs on the friendly collaboration between China and Latin America. Meanwhile, we were happy to see that many Latin American media have paid close attention to President Xis visit. They selected excellent reporters to cover the event, stepped up their reporting scale, and prioritized the visit in their news pages, programs and time arrangements, making great efforts through a range of approaches to maximize the effect of the visit. We value very much your important position and influence in the local media circle, and it is our hope that Chinese and Latin American media will continue to report on President Xis visit with good efforts and jointly create a favorable public atmosphere. To that end, I hereby put forth three suggestions.First, please extensively deliver the important messages sent by President Xis visit. President Xi Jinpings visit to the three Latin American countries and attendance at the APEC Meeting is a hotspot topic not only in Latin America, but in the whole world. During the visit, President Xi gave several important speeches at a number of major events. He expounded on a range of new concepts, policies and measures aimed at advancing China-Latin America relations in the new era, put forward Chinas policy propositions and initiatives on strengthening economic governance and boosting economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region, and provided the most authoritative information and views on Chinas economic trend, a topic of much concern to the rest of the world. Reporting on important international events and delivering momentous news is where the medias value lies. Please continue to focus on President Xis visit to Latin America, keep tapping valuable content and meet the news demand in Latin America and the world at large to the largest extent.Second, please strongly introduce the substantial and practical outcomes of President Xis visit. The visit by President Xi this time not only promoted political trust and deepened traditional friendship, but also aimed for long-term collaboration and peoples well-being. China and Latin America launched a group of major projects and agreements concerning the alignment of development strategies and production capacity cooperation, and achieved bountiful cooperation outcomes in such fields as energy, infrastructure construction, agriculture, manufacturing, technological innovation and IT. They concern the most fundamental and important strategic issues of both sides as well as the most immediate and realistic interests of their peoples. I call on you to report more on the outcomes of China-Latin America pragmatic cooperation, and find more news with value for the economic, social and livelihood improvement of both sides.Third, please work together to create excellent reports. President Xis visit has driven China-Latin America cooperation across the board, ranging from economy and trade to cultural exchanges, from government measures to corporate actions, from bilateral communication to multilateral collaboration, and from national stance to public perception. These provide many fresh topics and interesting stories for the Chinese and Latin American media to work on, and create a precious opportunity of dialogue and cooperation for them. I hope the media on both sides can take President Xis visit as an opportunity to work closer together, carry out joint reporting, coordinate their voices on mainstream international social media, and record more lively stories and brilliant moments together.The first China-Latin America Media Summit is an event of pioneering significance. It marks the primary establishment of a high-level media dialogue mechanism between China and Latin America and leads their media exchange and cooperation into a new age. As an old Chinese saying goes, “high mountains and long rivers are formed through long years of accumulation”. Promoting China-Latin America media cooperation is a long-term mission, for which we need to make and implement plans carefully and take solid steps. Here I would like to propose several suggestions.First, we should keep enhancing dialogue and communication between the Chinese and Latin American media authorities, and maintain policy communication, information sharing and action coordination. Second, we should consolidate and expand existing projects between Chinese and Latin American media, including swapping reports, supplying page and video contents, conducting joint interviews and co-producing programs, and strive to elevate our pragmatic cooperation with more and more innovative ways. Third, we should carry out the China-Latin America media mutual visit program, under which we can invite more reporters and editors from each side, especially young media professionals, to visit or work short term in the other. Fourth, we should adapt to the trend of interconnected media development and step up mutual learning in the research, application and management of new media, so as to help Chinese and Latin American media become more capable and competitive.I hope that media colleagues here will have candid and full exchange of views and contribute more insights and visions to the friendly relation and media cooperation between China and Latin America.At last, I wish the first China-Latin America Media Summit a complete success!The author is executive deputy director of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and director of the Cultural Progress Advancement Office of the CPC Central Committee. The article is an excerpt from his address at the China-Latin America Media Summit held in Santiago on Tuesday.Previous Page 12Next PagePrevious Page 12Next PageRelated StoriesBeijing aims to stimulate Latin American growthChina sees more hi-tech cooperation with Latin AmericaXi: China will share development opportunities with Latin AmericaChinese – Latin America trade: An evolution of significanceCartoonsAmbitious MerkelAbes rushOnline gameProtectionismPoor urban planningCrowded subwayMost Viewed in 24 HoursFroum trendsShould the age of criminality be lowered?Is husband nursery a good idea?ColumnistsShould the public forgive Lin Dan?Trump should honor US climate promiseForumFeatured ContributorsUK needs to face up to new realitiesChina-LatAm: Ancient ties, modern visionChina Daily Bureau ChiefsChongqing and Chengdu City Cluster on faster trackXi-Ma meeting brings historic opportunitiesStar BloggersA Somalis Chinese dreamNever lie to a Chinese woman!BACK TO THE TOPHOMECHINAWORLDBUSINESSLIFESTYLECULTURETRAVELWATCHTHISSPORTSOPINIONREGIONALFORUMNEWSPAPERChina Daily PDFChina Daily E-paperMOBILECopyright 1995 -var oTime = new Date();
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