5月 5, 2021

中文HomeNewsEcns WireBusinessTravelPhotoVideoVoicesRIGHT BGLINEOddsKayaking on the crystal Dead Sea creates illusionApr 20, 2021The undated photo shows kayaks floating on the Dead Sea with salt crystal formations in the water below, making the kayaks seem to sail on the land. Australian deep-sea reef study could uncover new speciesApr 12, 2021Australian researchers have embarked on an expedition to explore previously undocumented deep-sea coral reefs off the countrys north coast.Eagle carries wild pig into the airApr 7, 2021A golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) under first-class state protection in China, carrying a wild pig off into the sky in Giant Panda National Park, Guangyuan City, southwest China’s Sichuan Province.White peacock puts its plumage on displayMar 24, 2021A white peacock performs its mating rituals with its full plumage on display in Scotland.World Water Day: Flowing art created by natural artistMar 22, 2021March 22 marks the World Water Day, the day to raise awareness of the global water crisis. Comma-shaped 3D-printed book house unveiled in ShanghaiMar 22, 2021A 3D-printed book house in Shanghai is seen at the Wisdom Bay innovation park in Baoshan District, Shanghai.Penguins of Russian circus visit art museumFeb 26, 2021The penguins came to the circus in March 2020, but all the events were cancelled amid the COVID-19 pandemic.Critically endangered wild duck spotted in Chinas YunnanFeb 19, 2021A critically endangered wild duck has been spotted in a wetland in southwest Chinas Yunnan Province, according to local authorities.Shanghai kindergarten rolls out diet plans for chubby kidsDec 30, 2020A kindergarten in Shanghai has recently rolled out a series of “diet plans” to help obese kids lose weight, including special low-fat meals and exercise programs.Water pipe leak causes ice waterfall outside building in BijieDec 23, 2020A leaking water pipe in a building in Weining County of Bijie City, Guizhou Province, has created an ice waterfall about 7 meters high.University chefs make special cakes for graduate exam takersDec 22, 2020To make postgraduate exam takers feel relaxed and wish them success in the postgraduate entrance examination, the canteen chefs of the university made some special cakes and provided them free of charge.Most popular in 24h$(function () {$.ajaxSetup({cache: true});var tStr = new Date().getUTCHours()+_+ new Date().getUTCMinutes();$.ajax({type: “get”,dataType: “json”,url: “/part/6/ecns_rank24h.json?t=”+ tStr,success: function (status) {var str = “”;$.each(status,function(index,obj){obj.title = obj.title.replace(/'/g, ');str +=+obj[“title”]+;});$(“#rank24″).html(str);},error:function(status){}});});MoreTop newsLatest research: prehistoric egg shells give clues to duck-billed dinosaurs Derek Chauvin found guilty on 3 charges in murder of George Floyd Japanese PM Suga sends ritual offering to notorious Yasukuni shrine Chinas Yunnan reports 2 new COVID-19 cases DPP disregards Taiwan peoples well-being for its ambiguity on Japan nuclear wastewater dumping: mainlandMoreVideoIllustrated book The Central Axis reveals a diversified BeijingFun parent-child marathon held in Chongqing wildlife parkLINEMedia partners:Peoples Daily Online|Xinhuanet|China.org.cn|ChinaDaily.com.cn|CGTN|Globaltimes.cn|Chinaplus.cri.cn|Shine.cn|JSCHINA|
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