var url = window.location.href;//获取当前Urlfunction GetUrlRelativePath()//获取当前相对路径的方法
    var url = document.location.toString();
    var arrUrl = url.split(“//”);    var start = arrUrl[1].indexOf(“/”);
    var relUrl = arrUrl[1].substring(start);//stop省略,截取从start开始到结尾的所有字符    if(relUrl.indexOf(“?”) != -1){
      relUrl = relUrl.split(“?”)[0];
    return relUrl;
if(mynum ==){var sUserAgent = navigator.userAgent;var mobileAgents = [Windows CE, iPod, Symbian, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android];if (sUserAgent.indexOf(Android)-1 && (sUserAgent.indexOf(ERD79)-1 || sUserAgent.indexOf(MZ60)-1 || sUserAgent.indexOf(GT-P7)-1 || sUserAgent.indexOf(SCH-P7)-1)) {} else {if (location.href.indexOf(?pc) == -1) {for (var i = 0; imobileAgents.length; i++) {if (sUserAgent.indexOf(mobileAgents[i])-1) {//location =;url=GetUrlRelativePath(url);//获取当前url的相对路径if(url.indexOf(“/m/”)==0)//以/m/开头{//alert(url);}else{var reg_fenye=/_[0-9]*.shtml$/;if(reg_fenye.test(url))//分页跳转到第一页{url=url.replace(reg_fenye,”.shtml”);//注意这句,reg_fenye必须单独定义,不能写在””中,否则JavaScript将其当做普通字符串}//alert(url);url=;location = url;}break;}}}}//var ads = [];
}function time(){var xmlhttp = “”;if(window.ActiveXObject){//支持-通过ActiveXObject的一个新实例来创建XMLHttpRequest对象xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject(“Microsoft.XMLHTTP”);}else if(window.XMLHttpRequest){xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();}//var xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject(“MSXML2.XMLHTTP.3.0”);“GET”,””,false);xmlhttp.setRequestHeader(“If-Modified-Since”,”q”);xmlhttp.send();var dateStr= xmlhttp.getResponseHeader(“Date”);//alert(dateStr);var mydate = new Date(dateStr);var myweekday=mydate.getDay();var mymonth=mydate.getMonth()+1;var myday= mydate.getDate();var myyear= mydate.getYear();year=(myyear200) ? myyear : 1900 + myyear;if(myweekday == 0)weekday=” Sunday”;else if(myweekday == 1)weekday=” Monday”;else if(myweekday == 2)weekday=” Tuesday”;else if(myweekday == 3)weekday=” Wednesday”;else if(myweekday == 4)weekday=” Thursday”;else if(myweekday == 5)weekday=” Friday”;else if(myweekday == 6)weekday=” Saturday”;var abbr=new Array(“Jan”,”Feb”,”Mar”,”Apr”,”May”,”Jun”,”Jul”,”Aug”,”Sep”,”Oct”,”Nov”,”Dec”);mymonth = abbr[mymonth-1];document.write(weekday+” “+mymonth+” “+myday+”, “+year);}time();中文HomeNewsBusinessTravelPhotoVideoLearning ChineseVoicesRIGHT BGRoyal baby: Duke and duchess show off new son
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Avatar 2 to be shown in glasses-free 3DMore拖后腿虚拟养老院虚拟运营商蓝天保卫战地下云图网品质革命快应用人才评价学校恐惧症共同债务区块链水陆两栖飞机3D打印数字人才极地旅游绿色包装隐私面单达摩院脉冲星风云四号MoreMy body is hollowed out!Mansplaining with Chinese characteristicsIn-law warsFaint praiseDing Ling: The politics of loveMinistry of EducationConfucius Institute OnlineBFSU Training CollegeChinas University and College Admission SystemOffice of Intl Student Affairs, SISUThe World of ChineseLINEMedia partners:Peoples Daily Online|Xinhuanet|||CGTN||||JSCHINA|
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