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ECNS App DownloadState Grid employees inspect photovoltaic panels in Chuzhou, Anhui province. SONG WEIXING/FOR CHINA DAILYState Grid, China Southern Power set to boost renewable infrastructure in nation
The carbon neutrality plans released by Chinas two major power grid operators will play a pivotal role in building the countrys greener and cleaner power system, analysts said.
The focus will be on new energy, which will further step up the cross-regional transmission of clean energy in the country, they said.
State Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power Grid, the countrys two major power grid operators, have recently released their carbon neutrality plans.
In their plans, the two energy behemoths pledged to focus on the promotion of clean-green energy to replace coal-and fossil fuel-powered electricity in industrial manufacturing, construction and transport. Such a clean energy supply system will have diverse sources of power.
Their plans are in line with the countrys resolve to prioritize the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in future development.
China announced earlier that it would peak its carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.
State Grid Corp of China, the worlds largest utility operator, plans to increase its proportion of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption to 20 percent by 2025 and 25 percent by 2030, ramping up clean energy infrastructure, including those of wind, solar and hydro-power.
The proportion of electricity in final energy consumption will also reach 30 percent by 2025 and 35 percent by 2030, it said.
It will also build seven ultrahigh voltage lines with a total power transmission capacity of 56 gigawatts by the end of 2025, and most of the newly added cross-region transmission lines will be transmitting the clean energy, it said.
China Southern Power Grid also vowed to build a clean, low-carbon, safe and highly efficient energy system that will replace traditional energy with renewable ones. It plans to build a power system with new energy as a pillar in Chinas Guangdong province, the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Yunnan province, Guizhou province and Hainan province.
The five regions currently have a new energy installed capacity of 50 million kilowatts, which will be improved by 2030. The proportion of non-fossil energy production in the five regions will also be increased to 61 percent by 2030, said Liu Wei, spokesman of China Southern Power Grid.
Digital power grid transformation will also be a highlight of the companys future work to ensure safe and stable operation of the power grid and to improve quality and efficiency of the new clean systems connection to the grid, he said.
Analysts said the two companies vision of a diversified clean energy supply system will help increase the wind and solar energy infrastructure construction across the country, which will in turn further accelerate Chinas clean energy efforts.
“With an ambition for building more pumped hydro, wind and solar, State Grid is thinking of providing more flexibility and dispatch capacity to the power system, which are definitely the trends of grid-network upgrades even in a global sense,” said Wei Hanyang, a power market analyst at Bloomberg New Energy.
“China Southern Power Grid, on the other hand, has long had the advantage of hydro-power dominance, but now it wants to develop not just hydro but also renewable energy, including wind and solar power,” he said.
“The company is also committed to helping decarbonize the power sectors in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Macao Special Administrative Region in addition to the existing five regions, by exporting more to clean up their local energy mix, which will eventually help achieve the carbon goals nationwide.”
The Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization forecasts that solar and wind power capacity in China will reach 1,107 GW and 1,270 GW by 2035 and increase to 1,967 GW and 2,248 GW, respectively, by 2050.
Based on the forecast, Joseph Jacobelli, an energy analyst and senior adviser for Asia at Cenfura Ltd, a smart energy services company, believes the grids will also have to massively ramp up transmission investments.
He said the challenges for the whole electric power complex is how distributed generation and micro grids will be promoted on a large scale rather than in isolated areas with underprivileged population.
Wei also expressed concern that the implementation of carbon peak and carbon neutrality plans may lead to increase in costs of the overall power system. For, when energy is made greener, the intermittency factor may require technical equipment investment to ensure grid stability and avoid blackouts.Related newsChina to build clean, low-carbon energy system2021-03-0560 pct of Chinas buses go electric amid clean energy push2020-10-26Chinas first ultra-high voltage transmission line for clean energy under construction2020-06-24MorePhotoNew crack with lava appears at Icelandic Volcano130-ton selfie giant panda debuts in SW China13 Tibetan monks receive Buddhisms highest degreeNASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter ready for first flightNewly-come bear cub makes friends with chimpanzee at Turkey’s zooEgypt to transport 22 mummies to new homeGiant panda Ai Bao enjoys afternoon leisure time in S KoreaScenery of Xiling Gorge amid the misty rainAmerican Museum of Natural History sees increasing number of visitorsBerlin to impose curfew from Easter amid rising COVID-19 concernsSunset scenery of Qinghai Lake picturesqueCOVID-19 vaccination underway in YunnanXiongan New Area under large-scale constructionHunan stages a Guochao show to promote traditional cultureJapanese stunt pilot draws a smile over TokyoBlue tears light up waters in XiamenThe Three Kingdoms exhibition held in ChengduSniffer dog trained to detect COVID-19 in human sweatGuangji Bridge in Guangdong: Free to connect and disconnectCherry blossom season arrives in Washington D.C.Seals lie in a lazy pose and wave helloVoice recorder recovered from crashed Indonesia planeVirgin Galactic unveils new spaceship VSS ImagineLogo of Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympics and Paralympics unveiledSpaceX Starship SN11 rocket fails to land safely after test launchExhibition of Lhasas intangible cultural heritage opens at Tibet Yak MuseumWall of hearts painted as a memorial to COVID-19 deathsChina successfully launches Gaofen-12 02 satelliteDerek Chauvin trial begins in George Floyd murder caseScenery of Icelands volcanic eruptionSpring scenery at cherry blossom garden in AnhuiShanghai vaccinates foreigners against COVID-19Chinese COVID-19 vaccine shipped to ManilaChinas FAST telescope identifies over 300 pulsarsShip Ever Given freedStop Asian Hate rallies held across CanadaMost popular in 24h$(function () {$.ajaxSetup({cache: true});var tStr = new Date().getUTCHours()+_+ new Date().getUTCMinutes();$.ajax({type: “get”,dataType: “json”,url: “/part/6/ecns_rank24h.json?t=”+ tStr,success: function (status) {var str = “”;$.each(status,function(index,obj){obj.title = obj.title.replace(/'/g, ');str +=+obj[“title”]+;});$(“#rank24″).html(str);},error:function(status){}});});MoreTop newsChina increases investment in poverty alleviation at multiple levels Chinas poverty identification a dynamic process: official SW Chinas Ruili starts second round of nucleic acid testing Female police dog trainer and her comrade-in-arms Over 142 mln COVID-19 vaccine doses administered across ChinaMoreVideoSW Chinas Ruili starts second round of nucleic acid testingFemale police dog trainer and her comrade-in-armsLINEMedia partners:Peoples Daily Online|Xinhuanet|China.org.cn|ChinaDaily.com.cn|CGTN|Globaltimes.cn|Chinaplus.cri.cn|Shine.cn|JSCHINA|
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