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分享按钮0Comment on “Migrants to enjoy same rights as urbanites”, (China Daily website, March 6)I am glad to know that migrant workers in the cities will finally be able to enjoy the same public services as urban residents and that nationwide pilot projects have been launched to explore potential approaches that will enable them to integrate in the cities.Its clearly necessary for the authorities to realize the importance of protecting migrant workers rights and improving their lives in cities.Just as the article said, migrant workers have contributed significantly to Chinas economic and social development, especially in the urban areas. But urban community-based public services dont cover migrant workers, and their political, economic and cultural rights havent been guaranteed effectively.Protecting migrant workers rights is not only related to Chinas all-round development, but also social harmony. We should all appreciate the hard work of migrant workers and make efforts to improve their well-being. I sincerely appeal to the authorities to accelerate the pace of implementing this guideline, so that the lives of migrant workers can be improved as soon as possible.Simon, via e-mailReaders comments are welcome. Please send your e-mail to opinion@chinadaily.com.cn or letters@chinadaily.com.cn or to the individual columnists. China Daily reserves the right to edit all letters. Thank you.(China Daily 03/08/2012 page10)Most ViewedTodays commentsMessage of peaceInvestment in the futureLower GDP target is healthierNATO behaving like a law unto itselfPension fund must be investedUS should realize the world is now flatSocial responsibility of banksUpbeat annual assessmentColumnistsHuang XiangyangIts time to clean up the stock casinoChen WeihuaBlack maids and migrant workersZhu YuanLighting the fire of learning for teenagersmoreSpecialsLei Feng: Role modelVirginity still matters?more

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