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From the ReadersWhats the buzz(China Daily)Updated: 2011-07-04 07:49Large Medium SmallA TV drama titled Naked Marriage Age has drawn attention to the trend of marriages without a sound financial background among people born in the 1980s. The show has sparked intense discussion. Can self-made newlyweds be happy? Would you choose marriage without a car or house? China Daily mobile news readers share their thoughts with us.I think a naked marriage can be happy. What matters is whether the couple cherish each other even though they have to work hard to buy a house, a car or a diamond ring. A naked marriage doesnt mean being poor for life: as long as the two can support each other in the hardest days, they will end up happy.Qi Weifang, Shandong provinceI personally can accept a naked marriage since the CPI is now so high that the post-80s generation faces huge pressure when their personal income is barely enough to afford their daily necessities. It would take many years to save up enough money to buy a house. As long as the two love each other and are willing to shoulder everything together, why not accept a naked marriage?A reader in ShanghaiMy husband and I are self-made newlyweds from the countryside. We got married without rings and wedding photos, let alone a car or a house. We met in 1998 and married in 2008 and have lived a happy life since then. Through our hard work we now have our own house and car and plan to have a baby. A naked marriage at the beginning does not mean being “naked” forever.Songsong, Anyang, Henan provinceI am from the post-60s generation and married without a “dowry”. My son is 18 years old. From poor to decent, my husband and I have been struggling for a happy and sufficient life with only one regret: I have no wedding ring. As long as the couple stand on their own feet and are independent, they can break the spell that “everything goes wrong with poor couples”. What is most enjoyable is the fruit harvested with ones own hands.Liying, Xian, Shaanxi provinceEvery marriage based solely on love ends up a failure in the city where I live. All kinds of pressure squeezes the happiness out of such marriages in the end. People live to enjoy life. People in a naked marriage must know how to keep their love fresh, otherwise, when love fades away, the marriage will eventually become a burden to both.Muzi, Xuzhou, Jiangsu provinceIn the face of reality, a marriage without material support is like a beautiful but fragile castle in the air. A marriage without love will not necessarily be unhappy, but a marriage with only love has no future in the end. As a member of post-80s generation, I do not pursue extreme material comforts, but I can only give you a promise when I have the ability to survive.OrangeGemini, Jinzhong, Shanxi provinceIf marriage is the tomb of love, then a naked marriage will leave the dead body unburied, which is indeed rather risky.Huagequan, Lanzhou, Gansu provinceOne the one hand, in a modern society with increasing pressures, love has to yield to reality since without the material guarantee, we can only count on more spiritual support to maintain a happy marriage. On the other hand, the saying, “marrying someone with similar family background” has existed for thousands of years, which presents its own rationality.Xiaoxue, Beijing(China Daily 07/04/2011 page9)分享按钮

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