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分享按钮0Dear Mr Sloboda,Your warning about the serious and wide-ranging negative consequences of our low birthrate really hit the nail on the head. The problem is on par with the current unrealistic mandatory retirement age of 60, which has its origin in the Industrial Age, despite the reality that in the last half-century, the life expectancy of global citizens has increased by at least another 10 years. The multitudinous benefits of allowing still healthy employees to carry on working into their mid-60s, or 70, and even beyond, are too numerous and self-evident to list here. I certainly agree with you that we need to devote the better part of our energy and time to resolving our long-term issues, and not allow ourselves to be sidetracked by short-term controversies.With regard to measures to address the fast aging population, the current administration seemed to have signaled its determination by first restructuring the Steering Committee on Population Policy, resisting calls for stopping legal immigrants from the mainland (150 per day) and continuing to push for Hong Kongs economic integration with the mainland. In dealing with the problem of inflated property prices, it has introduced demand-management measures (Buyers Stamp Duty and Special Stamp Duty), which have taken effect. Prices are stabilizing and efforts are underway to find land in urban areas, as well as the North East New Territories and North New Territories, for development.I look forward to more constructive comments from you, and thank you for writing.Albert LinOp-Ed editor of China Daily Hong Kong Edition(HK Edition 10/03/2013 page5)

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