/ EuropeWhitebearPoland Chinese culture symbol… maybe Chinese dragon painted on a traditional Chinese vase, and the Great Wall in the background. With regard to the integration between Chinese culture and abroad, generally Chinese culture benefits foreign countries a lot with their local arts. CesarefmcomoItaly Mere consumption helps raise the GNP in a certain period of time, but doesnt make a people and a nation wealthier or better prepared to face future challenges. And we all know that challenges will come.My best wishes to the new management of your extremely interesting country. XilarenGreece I believe that it is the people who make this country so beautiful and warm. If I ever hear anything negative about China then I become furious. I have influenced my friends and relatives. Definitely I am not the same person I used to be. China came late but she will stay forever in my heart. Cesare BajItaly You have the fortune of living an exciting moment in the history of your country, probably unique in the last centuries. You have the opportunity of taking a big advantage from that, as well as of contributing with your commitment to the progress of the entire society you live in. WhiteBearPoland First impression on China: one big building place.My second impression: safe place. I can go in the middle of the night to some back-street, and nothing wrong happens. Third impression: people throw gabage everywhere. This has not been changed but should – as soon as possible. 1584austinUK I have been dealing in China for 12 years, a couple of times each year. I am glad to see that the working conditions and roads which I am concerned most have greatly improved in China today. The thing I am most grateful for these days is for the introduction of western toilets. Lee HannonBritain We are without doubt entering one of the most exciting and challenging times for modern China. The nation’s meteoric economic rise, its long rich past, successful space program and world-beating Olympic Games, China is about to enter the next significant chapter of its history. Brian SalterBritain Without a doubt the most fascinating country I have worked in so far is China.Every day is an adventure – no two days are same. When I told my family I was moving to China just over a year ago, the reaction was entirely different. “Wow! So lucky! Wish we were coming with you!” function turnpage(page){document.all(“div_currpage”).innerHTML = document.all(“div_page_roll”+page).innerHTML;}  | About us | Contact Us |Constructed by Chinadaily.com.cnCopyright @ 2012 Ministry of Culture, P.R.China. All rights reserved

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