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分享按钮0Comment on “Draft adds anti-smoking measures” (China Daily, March 27)In my opinion the draft does too little, but it is better than nothing. However, with Chinas annual death toll from smoking already 1.2 million annually, the government needs to take more action.Both children and adults need to hear the truth about nicotine dependency. Nicotine addiction is a mental illness, a disease in which the dopamine pathway is taken hostage by nicotine.Our dopamine pathway generates wants for food at least two or three times daily. Sadly, it isnt long before a smoker is left believing that their next nicotine fix is as important as eating food. Imagine feeling similar wants for nicotine 10, 15 or 20 times a day. And if they wait too long to quit the urges and cravings for nicotine become more intense. Welcome to the addicts nicotine-normal world.When quitting theres just one rule and thats lapse equals relapse. Just one puff and up to 50 percent of the dopamine pathway receptors become occupied by nicotine. While most walking away from smoking try to cheat – “just one” – believing they will be able to get away with it, it isnt long before their awakened dependency is begging for more. Theres only one way to break the dependency: No nicotine today, and never have another smoke.John R. Polito, on China Daily websiteReaders comments are welcome. Please send your e-mail to opinion@chinadaily.com.cn or letters@chinadaily.com.cn or to the individual columnists. China Daily reserves the right to edit all letters. Thank you.(China Daily 04/09/2012 page9)Most ViewedTodays commentsHalfway along the road to Los CabosEurope needs further integrationPositive regional signalsPersonal data protectionTrade wars hit global recoveryNews sites really need a clean-upSafeguarding sovereigntyFairer and better healthcare for allColumnistsBerlin FangTurn sands of depression into pearls of creativityChen WeihuaNews sites really need a clean-upHuang XiangyangTenuous links in our chain of glorymoreSpecialsCyber-bullyingDepression killsmore

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