From the ReadersCollege indeed a lens on students(China Daily)Updated: 2010-11-19 07:53Large Medium SmallComment on “College a lens on Chinese universities” (Nov 2, China Daily)As someone who has attended two very good universities in the United States and best in China, I have to say this article is accurate.I had a hard time in China trying to understand why Chinese students did not ask questions in class, or why they had little discussion, did little actual work outside class, and why all classes were lectures and nothing else.Only science students seemed to have real work outside class when they had laboratory exercises and projects.In the US, classes often include discussions and assignments or readings, which require critical thinking. Something I never encountered in China. China needs to take steps to change such a system.James, on China Daily websiteReaders comments are welcome. Please send your e-mail to or or to the individual columnists. China Daily reserves the right to edit all letters. Thank you.(China Daily 11/19/2010 page9)

By 多哈


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