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ECNS App DownloadMore than 50 technology companies and organizations, including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, filed an amicus brief on Monday in support of lawsuits against the Trump administrations suspension of work visas.
“The Presidents suspension of nonimmigrant visa programs, supposedly to protect American workers, actually harms those workers, their employers, and the economy,” the companies argued in the brief.
US President Donald Trump issued a proclamation in April suspending the entry of nearly all immigrants to the US due to the high unemployment rate. He issued another proclamation in June, extending the April order through the end of this year and expanding it by imposing new restrictions on a variety of work visas.
The June proclamation targets H-1B visas for highly skilled workers, H-2B guest-worker visas, J trainee visas and L intracompany transferee visas. Trump claimed the measure will free up half a million jobs for US workers displaced by the coronavirus pandemic.
A diverse set of parties, including the US Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers and the National Retail Federation, have filed lawsuits in California and Washington federal courts to challenge the presidents orders.
Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia filed an amicus (friend of the court) brief in support of the suits on Aug 7, warning that the visa ban could result in economic fallout.
Those tech companies joined the efforts, arguing in their brief that the “indiscriminate suspension of these crucial nonimmigrant visas programs does not further the interests of the United States”.
Specifically, the proclamations “will stifle innovation, hinder growth, and ultimately harm US workers, businesses, and the economy more broadly in irreparable ways”, according to the brief.
Julie Pearl, CEO of the Pearl Law Group in San Francisco, and a member of the Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers, echoed that by saying “the unilateral presidential orders will stifle economic recovery and growth, apart from violating the Constitution and the Immigration and Nationality and Administrative Procedure Acts”. She said that is the reason why her group signed on to support litigation countering the orders.
“The rationale for this petty order is the myth that this pipeline of people takes jobs away from Americans. This fiction has been disproven in multiple studies,” said Pearl. “In fact, while new data from USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) shows that H-1B visa holders are less than half of a percent of full-time workers in the US, they are perhaps a major engine for job creation and economic recovery.
“Research by the American Immigration Council has shown that 1.3 million new jobs and approximately $158 billion in GDP could be created by 2045 if we simply increase H-1B visas,” she said.
One study by the council found that 231,224 more jobs would have been created for US-born workers in a two-year period just by raising the number of H-1B visas from their current 85,000 per year cap to meet market demand.
“The reason is simple: Foreign-born workers have an outsized impact on US innovation, with 30 percent of US patents filed by immigrants. Over 50 percent of US patents are now going to foreign companies and pushing more genius minds offshore will increase this number — along with the jobs that would have been created stateside,” said Pearl, citing the US Patent and Trademark Offices data.
Shortly after Trump signed the proclamation in June, tech companies like Apple and Google opposed the move.
“Immigrants have not only fueled technological breakthroughs and created new businesses and jobs but have also enriched American life,” Google spokesperson Jose Castaneda said in June. “Americas continued success depends on companies having access to the best talent from around the world. Particularly now, we need that talent to help contribute to Americas economic recovery.”
Apple CEO Tim Cook said that he was “deeply disappointed” by the guest-worker ban. “Like Apple, this nation of immigrants has always found strength in our diversity, and hope in the enduring promise of the American Dream,” Cook tweeted in June.Related newsTrumps new visa restrictions seem like photo-op2020-07-29Huawei voices disappointment over U.S. visa restrictions2020-07-16Beijing vows response to press visa curbs2020-08-0517 U.S. states sue Trump administration over visa rule on foreign students2020-07-14MorePhotoHair embroidery: Gem of Chinese embroidery artJinshanling Great Wall shrouded in morning mistVancouver allows public alcohol consumption in select locationsBlast destroyed landmark 19th century palace in BeirutTrump temporarily escorted out of coronavirus briefing due to shooting outside White HousePeople mourn for victims of Beirut explosions in Beirut, LebanonGiant panda enjoys leisure time in ChengduItalian resort evacuated over risk of falling iceOpening of the East Terrace Garden at Windsor Castle the first timeTop of the Rock Observation Deck in New York reopensScientific expedition completed in South China SeaJingxing Jin opera troupe stages performance in Touquan Village of HebeiEscaping the concrete jungle: Zealandia sanctuary in Wellington, New ZealandChina launches new optical remote-sensing satelliteThe giant Olympic rings in Tokyo being temporarily removed for maintenanceTwo giant pandas arrive in Yangzhou, to be transferred to zoo in YanchengIntelligent warehouse put into service in ShandongSatellite images show the port of Beirut the day before and after blastVillagers harvest lotus flowers in GuangxiMask compulsory in outdoor places in many French cities as COVID-19 cases surgeGrape industry in Liaoning helps increase income of villagers, attracts touristsMan in 90s attends basketball training session in E Chinas Shandong21-year-old volunteer takes part in fight against COVID-19 in UrumqiPeople of Zhuang ethnic group celebrate traditional diving festival in GuizhouPic story of intangible cultural heritage inheritor of bian embroidery in HenanFirst koala joeys born since catastrophic bush firesThai Handicrafts exhibited in Bangkok to help boost economy after COVID-19 outbreakHulunbuir takes various measures to boost local tourism marketAt least 4 killed as storm Isaias batters U.S. East CoastPeople visit Yangtze River 180 art district in Hefei, AnhuiHuge explosions in Beirut leave dozens dead, injuredFull moon seen in Chinese citiesItaly inaugurates new Genoa bridge two years after collapse75-year-old Chinese grandpa and his love for endurance sportsFinless porpoises seen in Yangtze River in Yichang, Hubei ProvincePhilippines tightens lockdown due to surge of COVID-19 infectionsMost popular in 24h$(function () {$.ajax({type: “get”,dataType: “json”,url: “/part/6/ecns_rank24h.json”,success: function (status) {var str = “”;$.each(status,function(index,obj){obj.title = obj.title.replace(/'/g, ');str +=+obj[“title”]+;});$(“#rank24”).html(str);},error:function(status){}});});MoreTop newsChinese mainland reports 44 new confirmed COVID-19 cases Chinese mainland reports 31 new imported COVID-19 cases DPP authority slammed for attempts to create chaos in Hong Kong, seek “Taiwan independence” Hong Kong troublemakers colluding with external forces must face severe punishment: central govt office Liaison office of Chinas central govt in HKSAR voices support for counter-measure against so-called US sanctionsMoreVideoSilk Road and Dunhuang cultural dances mezmerize GansuShanghai pool affords canines barking good timeLINEMedia partners:Peoples Daily Online|Xinhuanet|China.org.cn|ChinaDaily.com.cn|CGTN|Globaltimes.cn|Chinaplus.cri.cn|Shine.cn|JSCHINA|
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