5月 4, 2021

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Yao Lan
ECNS App Download极地旅游polar tourTrips to the polar regions have witnessed explosive growth in China in the past few years.极地旅游近年来在中国呈现出了爆发式的增长。“极地旅游”(polar tours/trips to the polar regions),顾名思义,就是前往南极或北极地区的旅游活动。According to International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators, China contributed the second largest number of tourists to the South Pole in 2016, next to the United States. The number of Chinese tourists who visited the South Pole reached 3,944 last year, soaring nearly 40 times from the less than 100 in 2008.根据国际南极旅游组织协会统计数据,2016年中国已成为全球第二大赴南极旅游客源地,仅次于美国。从2008年的不足100人次到2016年的3944人次,增长了40倍。随着市场需求增加,南北极旅游的线路产品日益多样化,价格也差别很大。旅游服务产品包括南极直飞航班(direct flights to the South Pole)、极地音乐会(concerts at the polar area)、邮轮(cruise trips)或者包船旅行(travel in a chartered ship)等。某知名旅游极地探险事业部总经理介绍,南极游价格整体高于北极游,南极到南极点分三个跨度,南极圈(the Antarctic Circle)、南极圈以内(within the Antarctic Circle)和南极点(the South Pole),整体比北极高,从6万、8万,到南极点的话60万每个人,从北极圈(the Arctic Circle)到北极点(the North Pole)差不多是3、4万到20万一个人。随着旅游人数的日益增多,如何让极地旅游和生态环境形成良性互动成为业内普遍关注的焦点。游客在出行前都会接受环保知识以及自身行为规范方面的培训(train on environmental protection and code of conduct)。而随着游客群体的变化,旅游服务产品提供方也要提供更加专业的导游服务(professional guide)。相关词汇生育游 birth tour医疗游 medical tour自驾游 self-driving tour跟团游 package tour出境游 outbound tour入境游 inbound tour   Related newsChina promotes Beautiful China Tour in New Zealand2017-11-19New rules can keep tour guides in line2017-11-07MorePhotoAerial view of seaside sightseeing highway in Wanning, S ChinaMacaques play in Qianlingshan Park, SW ChinaTourist attraction encourages green travelRelics from warship Zhiyuan meet the public in ShenyangMost amazing underwater pictures in the world revealedAfrican giant pouched rats receive landmine detection training in Morogoro, TanzaniaShip purpose-built for sea burial fulfills first missionChina releases 47 milu deer into wild in major lakeEmergency drill held at Potala Palace in Tibet1 dead, 4 injured in shooting at YouTube headquartersScenery of peach blossoms in TibetCelebrants show off their best bonnets in New York festivalSilk company dedicated in inheriting and developing Song brocadeLi Bais only authentic writing on show in BeijingChinese research vessel on seamounts expeditionYoung painter expresses love for ChongqingEarly spring snow hits New York CityStrong quake rocks Bolivia, shakes buildings in BrazilClaw machine with lobster prizesWater pipe hung on street lights to reduce air dustBeautiful creeping phlox blossoms in JiangsuFarewell, Tiangong-1Xi stresses people-centered approach in land greening programsTree with iron tubes inside still flourishing6 foreigners get Shanghai permanent residence IDChangchun opens first checkout-free supermarketNorthwestern Xinjiang hit by heavy snow Birds seen at Lushan County, HenanOne year on: Xiongan New Area making stridesA4 paper adds traditional charm to landscapeTurkish squirrel gets prosthetic armsBomb shelters-turned museum to open in MayAmazing dressing style spotted in New Yorks Easter ParadeRare Tang Dynasty scroll exhibited to celebrate academys 100th anniversaryTraditional Wrestling Festival held in SW Chinas GuizhouSpaceX launches 10 satellites on reusable Falcon 9 rocketMost popular in 24h$(function () {$.ajax({type: “get”,dataType: “json”,url: “/part/6/ecns_rank24h.json”,success: function (status) {var str = “”;$.each(status,function(index,obj){str +=+obj[“title”]+;});$(“#rank24″).html(str);},error:function(status){}});});MoreTop newsChina condemns U.S. tariff list, vows to retaliate China willing to advance dialogue with Vatican China releases 47 milu deer into wild in major lake MLB and Tencent form new strategic partnership to live stream games in China HIV self-test kits on sale in Shanghai universitiesMoreVideoStunning time-lapse shows frozen adonis amurensis blooming in 60 secondsStanding on worlds largest glass-bottom viewing platformNewsPoliticsBusinessSocietyCultureMilitarySci-techEntertainmentSportsOddFeaturesBizEconomyTravelTravel NewsTravel TypesEventsFoodHotelBar & ClubArchitectureGalleryPhotoCNS PhotoVideoVideoLearning ChineseLearn About ChinaSocial ChineseBusiness ChineseBuzz WordsBilingualResourcesECNS WireSpecial CoverageInfographicsVoicesLINEMedia partners:Peoples Daily Online|Xinhuanet|China.org.cn|ChinaDaily.com.cn|CNTV|Globaltimes.cn|CRIEnglish.com|Shine.cn|JSCHINA|
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