From the ReadersProstitution has different forms(China Daily)Updated: 2010-06-04 07:54Large Medium SmallComment on “Debate: Prostitution” (China Daily, May 31)I agree that prostitution is the worse form of attack on womens dignity and a shame on society. But the articles talked about prostitution in ternms of sex. What about other practices, which people seem to promote? For instance, if a woman in the corporate world is, what men describe as, “sexy” and tends to take advantage of that quality, she would, in normal circumstances, have an edge over her male counterparts when it comes to promotion or salary raise. Isnt that a kind of prostitution?If the definition of prostitution is restricted to sex, then we have less confusion. But if examples such as the one given above are included, then I think prostitution, in different forms, is prevalent in each and every part of society.Since women today work shoulder-to-shoulder with men in almost every field, its societys duty to ensure they are treated with dignity. At the same time, women should not misuse their good looks to curry favor from their bosses and seniors in the institutions and organizations they work.Kishore, via e-mailReaders comments are welcome. Please send your e-mail to or or to the individual columnists. China Daily reserves the right to edit all letters. Thank you.(China Daily 06/04/2010 page9)

By 多哈


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