Author: Wuyi Citizen  1. Hot springs in Wuyi CountyBai Juyi, the poet of the Tang Dynasty, described in the “Song of Everlasting Sorrow”: “On a cold vernal day, Yang Guifei, one of the four most beautiful women in all of Chinese history, was taking a bath in Huaqing hot spring pool, where her complexion washed was like white jade shining.”Visiting Wuyi County, you are sure to have the same experience as Yang Guifei. Here, a hot spring reaches a discharge level of 10,000 tons per day with an even temperature from 42 to 45 C It contains more than twenty kinds of minerals and organic materials. These elements have therapeutic effects on the skin and are helpful for curing disease.
 Hot spring 
2.The Ox-head National Forest Park
The park has the highest peak in the middle area of Zhejiang Province at 1,560 meters above sea level. It is famous for grotesque rocks, blue water and a Taoist scenic spot. The forest park is usually considered as “Jiuzhaigou Scenic and Historic Area in the southern part of the Yangze River”.
 The Ox-head National Forest Park 
  The Ox-head National Forest Park 
In Wuyi County, there are five scenic spots for rafting, such as Shouxian Valley, the Ox-head National Forest Park and so on. They provide an opportunity for people to challenge themselves and experience a real thrill.
 3.The Grand Red Rock Scenic Spot
This scenic spot is famous for the scenery of the Danxia Landform, including the Liuxiu Ridge, the Qingfeng Village and the Hongtuo Rock. The Hongtuo Rock is called the “Red Cliff in the southern part of the Yangze River” and is 300 meters high and 650 meters wide.  The Grand Red Rock Scenic Spot
 The blooms of the Grand Red Rock
 4.Ten-Mile Lotus
Lotus seeds produced in Xuanping Town (located in the southwest of Wuyi County) are one of the three top lotus seeds in China. The technology of cultivating lotus seeds can be dated back to the Tang Dynasty, when lotus seeds were demanded as tribute to the royal family. Tourists can view on more than 330 kinds of lotus flowers and enjoy more than 3,000 mu lotus seeds.
  Ten-Mile Lotus
  A bird is standing on a lotus
 5.Dalai Terraces Fields with Multiple Colors
The terraced fields are located in the south of Wuyi County. The total area reaches more than 3,000 mu and the view is a splendid spectacle. This is the legacy of farming culture in the middle of Zhejiang province.
  The terraced fields
  The terraced fields
 6. She people’s wedding
Amorous Village of the She people in Small Huangshan Mountain: It completely retains the customs of the She nationality. Combined with the surrounding cliff, waterfall and old pine trees, the village is a totally different world.
   She people’s wedding
  She people’s wedding
   She people’s wedding
7.Yuyuan Taiji Village
Yuyuan Taiji Village is said to be designed by Liu Bowen (one of the emperors teachers during the Ming Dynasty). There are thousands of ancient buildings under special state protection and Taiji pictures can be found everywhere.
 The view of Yuyuan Taiji Village.    
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