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分享按钮0Da Jia Hao!Mona and I would like to take this opportunity to greet not only our Chinese friends, but our fellow Americans back at home, and all over the world. The Chinese lunar new year is a time for people to return to their laojia, reunite with family, and gather around a holiday meal with loved ones and friends.The Year of the Dragon is traditionally a time of hope and optimism. It should also be a year of purpose and resolve for the US and China as we mark the 40th anniversary of President Richard Nixons historic visit to China. Even though President Nixons visit is considered a watershed moment in the US-China relationship, our history goes further back.In 1784, as a country that was barely several years old, we sent a trading ship to one of the worlds oldest and most vibrant civilizations. Over the next 230 years, the United States and China would share a common journey toward progress.In the 19th century, the United States came of age as a great nation that stretched from “sea to shining sea.” This was accomplished in no small part by Chinese laborers who traveled thousands of miles across vast oceans, away from their families, to help build our transcontinental railroad.We fought together against aggression in World War II and today, our scientists and engineers are working together to cure diseases, build cars that burn clean fuel, and leave our world a better place for our children and their children.Despite the challenges, there are almost no issues that cannot be solved if China and the United States work together, harnessing our commonalities, creativity and ingenuity. Together, we are finding solutions to problems that face not only our two great countries, but indeed the world.Here in China, we are proud to represent the millions of Chinese Americans and Americans of all heritages who appreciate the values of family and community that the Chinese new year embodies so well. Mona and I wish each and every one of you much vigor in the Year of the Dragon, and happy reunions with the whole family.Xin nin kui le! Gong He Fat Choi! Happy Year of the Dragon!Gary F. Locke, US ambassador to ChinaReaders comments are welcome. Please send your e-mail to opinion@chinadaily.com.cn or letters@chinadaily.com.cn or to the individual columnists. China Daily reserves the right to edit all letters. Thank you.(China Daily 01/20/2012 page9)Most ViewedTodays commentsMedical insurance reformImproving transparencyBalance bonus with other rewardsPeace the victor in Taiwan pollsPush for common prosperityWorking together for an Asian centuryFree Spring Festival of vicesHow to save real bookstoresColumnistsZhu YuanIndividual efforts count in social progressChen WeihuaPath of cooperation over confrontationOP RanaWill Durban end the fight against climate change?moreSpecialsChunyun: Chinese characteristics?Education: China vs USmore

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