2 No one is answering the phone. 没有人接电话。
    4 The phone is busy. 电话占线。
    6 The phone seems to be out of order. 电话好像出故障了。
    8 The telephone is ringing. 电话铃响了。
    10 You are on. 接通了。
    12 Would you hold the line, please. 请你不要挂断。
    14 Who is this, please? 请问你是哪一位?
    16 Whom are you calling? 你要找谁?
    18 Whom do you want to talk to? 你要和谁讲话?
    20 The voice is not distinct. 声音不清楚。
    22 Will you please repeat it? 请你重说一遍好吗?
    24 Would you speak a little louder? 请你说大声一点好吗?
    26 Im afraid you have the wrong number. 恐怕你打错号码了。
    28 Give me a ring at my office. 打电话到我的办公室。
    30 I will be here all night. 我整晚都在这里。
    32 Would you like to leave any message? 你要留什么话吗?
    34 Would you please take a message? 请你代我留话好吗?
    36 How do you spell your last name? 你的姓是怎样拼写的?
    38 I am sorry to keep you waiting. 真抱歉,让你久等了。
    40 Please ring off. 请挂电话。
    42 This is Shen calling. 我姓沈。
    44 I am sorry Mr. Chen is unavailable. 抱歉陈先生不在。
    46 We dont have an extension. 我们没有分机。
    48 May I talk to Mr. McCoy? 我要和麦考伊先生讲话,好吗?
    50 May I speak to your boss? 我想和你们的老板讲话,好吗?
    51 Id like to speak to Mr. Jack. 我要和杰克先生讲话。
    53 Give me someone who can speak English. 找一位能讲英语的人来。
    55 May I speak to Mr. Johnson, please? 我想请约翰先生听电话,好吗?
    57 I would like to talk to your chief. 我想请你们主管讲话。
    59 Would you call Miss Shen to the telephone? 请你叫沈小姐来接电话,好吗?
    61 He is not in now. 他现在不在这里。
    63 Sorry, she is out. 抱歉,她外出了。
    65 He is in conference. 他正在开会。
    67 Mr. Wang is not in now. 王先生现在不在。
    69 He is speaking on another phone. 他正在接听别的电话。
    71 He is attending a conference now. 他正在出席会议。
    73 His extension number is two eighty five. 他的分机号码是285。
    75 Im going to put on to her. 我会请她回电话。
    77 Do you know when he will be back? 你知道他什么时候会回来?
    79 He will be here in thirty minutes. 他在三十分钟内会到这里。
    81 Shall we start the meeting now? 我们现在开始开会好吗?
    83 I will talk more about that in a moment. 现在,我就那个问题多说几句。
    85 Mr. Smith, would you like to start things off? 史密斯先生,你要开始做事了吗?
    87 The first thing on the agenda is the drop in sales. 议程的第一件事就是销售额下降了。
    89 Our project must proceed at a reasonably quick tempo. 这个计划必须尽速进行。
    91 First of all, I will outline the characteristics of our product. 首先我将简略说明我们商品的特性。
    93 As a matter of fact, we would like to discuss internally regarding item B. 事实上,我们希望能在内部先讨论B项议题。
    95 Well, I think its time we get back to business. 哦,我认为我们该回到正题上了。
    97 Shall we take a break? 我们是否应该休息一下?
    99 Let us take a break now. 让我们休息一下。
    101 May I propose that we break for coffee now? 我可以提议休息一下,喝杯咖啡吗?
    103 Weve gone over quite a lot, shall we take a break? 我们已进行很久了,让我们休息一下好吗?
    105 I dont know about the rest of you, but Id like a break. 我不知道你们是否要休息,但我想休息片刻。
    107 Thats all for today. 今天就到这儿了。
    109 Thank you for attending todays meeting. 谢谢你出席今天的会议。
    111 Let me give you an indication. 我来提个想法。
    113 I would like to ask you a question. 我想问你一个问题。
    115 Sure, what did you want to know? 真的,你想知道什么呢?
    117 Yes, please do. 好,请说。
    119 I am not sure such data does exist. 我不确定是否有这样的资料存在。
    121 Excuse me, but may I ask a question? 对不起,我可以问个问题吗?
    123 Excuse me, Id like to ask you a question. 对不起,我可以问个问题吗?
    125 I do not know whether you care to answer right away. 我不知道你是否愿意立即回答。
    127 Could you consider accepting our counterproposal? 你能考虑接受我们的反对案吗?
    129 Therell be time for questions at the end. 最后会有时间发问的。
    131 Could you hold your questions until Ive finished? 请你把问题留待我把事情做完再问,好吗?
    133 I didnt catch that, Could you go over that again? 我没有听清楚,请你再说明一下,好吗?
    135 Sorry, but could you kindly repeat what you just said? 抱歉,你可以重复一遍刚才所说的话吗?
    137 Do we really have the means to actually pull this off? 我们确实有办法把这事办成吗?
    139 We really need more specific information about your technology. 我们需要与贵公司技术相关更专门的资讯。
    141 Ill check into it and get back to you. 我查对一下,然后送还给你。
    143 All right, I will send the information on a piecemeal basis as we acquire it. 好。我收齐后会立即寄给你。
    145 By the way, before leaving this subject, I would like to add a few comments. 在结束这个问题之前,顺便提一下,我希望能再提出一些看法。
    147 Is that okay with everyone? 各位没有意见吧?
    149 How much will all this cost? 一共要花多少钱呢?
    151 I do not know whether you realize it. 我不知道你是否了解。
    153 Would you let me know your fax number? 可以告诉我您的传真机号码吗?
    155 Yes, we have been interested in new system. 是的,我们对新系统很感兴趣。
    157 I can see you have put a lot of time into it. 我相信你在制定这个计划上一定花了不少精力吧。
    159 Just for arguments sake, suppose we disagree. 为了讨论各种情形,让我们假设我方不同意时的处理方法。
    161 Please be aware that this is a crucial issue to us. 请了解这一点对我们至关重要。
    163 Please remember this is not to be taken as final. 请记住,这不是最后的回答。
    165 Yes, we have done a little. 有,我们做了一些。
    167 It would help if you could try to speak a little slower. 请你尽量放慢说话速度。
    169 I would really appreciate your persuading your management. 如果你能说服经营团队,我将非常感激。
    171 I will try, but no promises. 我试试看,但是不敢保证。
    173 We must stress that these payment terms are very important to us. 我们必须强调,这些付款条件对我们很重要。
    175 Could you please explain the premises of your argument in more detail? 你能详细说明你们的论据吗?
    177 The purpose of this meeting is to discuss possible solutions for the pending issues. 本次会议的目的就是要讨论对悬而未决问题的可能解决办法。
    179 Actually, my interest was directed more towards what particular markets you foresee for our product. 事实上,我关心的是贵公司对我们产品市场的考量。
    181 Well start with an orientation video, it runs about fifteen minutes. 我们将从一个电视简报开始,大概放15分钟。
    183 Im Dennis, I am here to meet you today. 我是丹尼斯,今天我来接你。
    185 Excuse me, are you Susan Davis from Western Electronics? 对不起,你是来自西方电子公司的苏姗戴卫斯吗?
    187 Im Donald, we met the last time you visited Taiwan. 我是唐纳德,上次你来台湾时我们见过面。
    189 How was your flight? 你的航班怎样?
    191 Did you get any sleep on the plane? 你在飞机上睡觉了吗?
    193 Not really, Im afraid, we were delayed taking off, and we encountered a lot of bad weather. 不太好,我们起飞延误了,还遭遇了恶劣的气候。
    195 Well get a taxi from the station. 我们到火车站乘出租车。
    197 Ive brought my car, so I can drive you to your hotel. 我开车来的,所以我开车送你到旅馆。
    199 Ive made a reservation at the hotel you used last time. 我已预订了你上次住过的旅馆。
    201 No, I dont, will it be a problem? 不,我没有,会有困难吗?
    203 We really wish youll have a pleasant stay here. 我们真诚地希望你们在这里过得愉快。
    205 Did you sleep well last night? 你昨晚睡得好吗?
    207 Have you had breakfast yet? 你吃过早餐了吗?
    209 Can I take you out to dinner, itll be my treat. 我带你出去吃饭好吗?这次我请客。
    211 You must be hungry, shall we get something to eat? 你一定饿了,我们吃点东西好吗?
    213 Yes, it was delicious. 是的,味道很好。
    215 Weve arranged our schedule without any trouble. 我们已经很顺利地把活动日程安排好了。
    217 Minor alternations can be made then. 我们还可以对计划稍加修改。
    219 Is there anything I can explain fully? 有什么事情要我详细说明的吗?
    221 If you have any questions on the details, feel free to ask. 如果对某些细节有意见的话,请提出来。
    223 I wonder if it is possible to arrange shopping for us. 我想能否为我们安排一点时间购物。
    225 Youre going out of your way for us, I believe. 我相信这是对我们的特殊照顾了。
    227 Good, lets go to the office. 好的,我们去办公室吧。
    229 Id like to introduce you to our company. 我将向你介绍我们的公司。
    231 I cant say for certain off-hand. 我还不能马上确定。
    233 Im afraid I dont know. 恐怕我不知道。
    235 Thank you very much for giving us your valuable time. 我们占用了你宝贵的时间,非常感谢。
    237 Does it take long to get into Taipei from here? 从此地去台北要很久吗?
    239 Welcome to our factory. 欢迎到我们工厂来。
    241 This is the most fully-automated factory we have. 这是我们的全自动化工厂。
    243 Maybe we could start with the Designing Department. 也许我们可以先参观一下设计部门。
    245 We are running on two shifts. 我们的工作是两班倒。
    247 Is your factory any different from other plastics factories? 你们工厂和其他塑胶工厂有何差别呢?
    249 Weve increased our efficiency by twenty percent through automation. 通过自动化,我们的效率增加了20%。
    251 Almost every process is computerized. 几乎每一道工艺都是由电脑控制的。
    253 Its the most up-to-date in the industry. 这是同业中最新型的。
    255 Weve expanded the factory twice this year already. 我们今年已把工厂扩展了两倍。
    257 They describe how each process goes on to the next. 这里描述了每道工艺间的衔接情况。
    259 Yes, Id like to know your daily production. 是的,我想知道你们的日生产额。
    261 Mr. Jiang should know the answer to that. 蒋先生应该知道答案。
    263 How did you decide that product was safe? 你怎样决定产品是安全的呢?
    265 Quality is even more important than quantity. 质量比数量更为重要。
    267 No one can match us so far as quality is concerned. 就质量而言,没有任何厂家能和我们相比。
    269 All products have to pass strict inspection before they go out. 所有产品出厂前必须要经过严格检查。
    271 Whats your general impression, may I ask? 不知您对我们厂总的印象如何?
    273 The product gives you an edge over your competitors, I guess. 我认为你们的产品可以使你们胜过竞争对手。
    275 I hope my visit does not cause you too much trouble. 我希望这次来参观没有给你们增添太多的麻烦。
    277 Let me tell you about our product. 关于产品一事,让我来向你说明。
    279 If I were you, Id choose this product. 如果我是你,就选择这种产品。
    281 Perhaps youve heard our products name. 也许你已听说过我们产品的名称。
    282 This is our most recently developed product. 这是我们最近开发的产品。
    284 Lets move on to what makes our product sell so well. 让我来说明是什么原因使我们的产品销售得那么好。
    286 Our product is lower priced than the competition. 我们的产品价格低廉,具有竞争力。
    288 This product is doing very well in foreign countries. 这种产品在国外很畅销。
    290 Our service has been very well-received by our customers so far. 到目前为止,顾客对我们的服务质量评价甚高。
    292 Good, thats just what we want to hear. 很好,那正是我们想要听的。
    294 Theyve met with great favor home and abroad. 这些产品在国内外很受欢迎。
    296 Im really positive that this product has all the features you have always wanted. 我确信这种产品有各种你所要的款式。
    298 It was well-received in all markets, so a gain of three market share points can be expected. 它在所有市场销售良好,所以获得三成的市场占有率指日可待。
    300 Weve priced it at ninety eight dollars. 我们订价为98美元。
  作者:快乐的村姑 回复日期:2005-10-8 23:42:08 
    302 Other buyers are satisfied with it, but we could delay it if you could pay forty percent up front. 其他买主对这货物很满意,但如果你能先付40%货款,我们可以延迟交运。
    304 If you have further questions, please contact the people listed on the last page of the report. 如果你还有问题的话,请和报告最后一页名单上的人员联系。
    306 Ive been part of this project since its beginning. 从一开始我就参与这个计划。
    308 Im Clifton, and Ive been associated with this project since the beginning. 我叫克里夫敦,从一开始我就参与了这项计划。
    310 Today, Id like to show you something which Im sure youll find interesting. 今天我要向你们展示一些东西,我相信你们会感兴趣的。
    312 Please look at the data of this first chart. 请看第一幅图表的数据。
    314 Our new model is less expensive and easier to use. 我们的新型号价格更便宜且更容易操作。
    316 The data confirm that this product is safe and effective. 数据证实,这种产品安全有效。
    318 We now have five different models to choose from. 我们现在有五种不同的型号供你选择。
    320 As you can see in this photo, weve retained the same style which was so popular in this old model. 正如你在这张图片上所看到的,同风格的这种旧型产品非常流行,我们保留了它。
    322 Now, were doing something new making skin strong enough that it doesnt wrinkle, become dry, or develop blemishes. 现在我们正在做一些改进,使皮质变得坚韧而不致有皱纹,变干或产生磨损。
    324 Now, Id be happy to answer your questions. 现在,我乐意答复你们的问题。
    326 Now, ladies and gentlemen, Id be happy to answer any questions that you might have. 各位女士,各位先生,现在你们有任何问题我都乐意答复。
    328 What do you expect it to go for? 你们的试销情况如何?
    330 Your question is how we developed our product? 你的问题是我们如何发展我们的产品吗?
    332 When do you expect to have this ready for sale? 你希望此种商品何时上市出售呢?
    334 Its already in production, so you can expect it in stores before the end of the month. 产品已投产了,所以月底前你可以获得。
    336 Are there any questions? 还有什么问题吗?
    338 Would it be possible for me to have a closer look at your samples? 可以让我参观一下你们的产品陈列室吗?
    340 This is our latest product. 这是我们最新的产品。
    342 Its sales record is satisfactory. 销售纪录不错。
    344 The waterproof material is lighter than our competitors products. 这种防水用料较其他同类型产品轻。
    346 Could I have a look at the price list? 我可以看看价目表吗?
    348 We can provide free delivery if the order is over five hundred dozens. 如果订购五百打以上,我们可以提供免费送货服务。
    350 Call me back when youve made a decision. 你决定后请随时联络我。
  作者:快乐的村姑 回复日期:2005-10-8 23:43:28 
    352 Were planning to hold an exhibition of our computer products in Shanghai. 我们计划在上海举行电脑产品展览。
    354 Shanghai is a promising market. 上海是一个很有潜质的市场。
    356 Sure. 当然可以。
    358 How much would it cost? 那需要多少费用?
    360 Let me consult my boss. 让我与上司商量一下。
    362 This is our latest price list. 这是最新的价目表。
    364 All the quotations are subject to our final confirmation. 这些价格需要最后确认。
    366 Sorry but thats the best we can offer. 对不起,这价格已经很便宜。
    368 We may be able to offer a better deal if you order for immediate shipment. 如果你的订单立即出货,我们也许可以提供折扣。
    370 But well have to confirm with our head office. 但我们需向总公司作最后确认。
    372 Ill let you know as soon as possible. 我会尽快通知你。
    374 That depends on the size of the order. 那要视乎订货的数量。
    376 We should be able to ship an order of that size immediately. 应该可以立刻出货。
    378 The order will be mailed to you tomorrow. 我明天会把订单寄给你。
    380 We appreciate your prompt service. 谢谢你们提供快捷的服务。
    382 Well have enough time for our talks. 我们有充足的时间来谈判。
    384 How long will your offer hold good? 一般你们报盘的有效期是多长?
    386 Its up to you to decide. 这主要取决于你。
    388 Ive read about it. 我已经知道了一些。
    390 The demand for our products has kept rising. 要求定购我们产品的人越来越多。
    392 You may be interested in only some of the items. 你也许对某些产品感兴趣。
    394 Itll be easier for us to get down to facts then. 这样就容易进行实质性的谈判了。
    396 Textile business has become more and more difficult. 纺织品贸易越来越难做了。
    398 Please give us your proposal if youre ready for that. 如果你们愿意做合资经营,请提出你的方案。
    400 How about feed-back from your retailers and consumers? 你们的零售商和消费者的反映怎样?
  作者:快乐的村姑 回复日期:2005-10-8 23:44:10 
    402 Could you tell me some more about your market analysis? 请你多告诉我一些你们的市场分析好吗?
    404 We feel your product is too specialized for mass marketing. 我们认为你们的产品对广大市场而言太专业化了。
    406 We have adopted much more flexible methods in our dealings. 我们在具体操作方法上灵活多了。
    408 You havent sold your product in our country so far, have you? 到目前为止,你们的产品尚未在我们国家销售,是吗?
    410 You have also made some readjustment in your import and export business. 你们的进出口贸易也有一些调整。
    412 Well have to check these rates against those charged by other suppliers. 我们必须核查一下由其他供应商提供的费率。
    414 It is said that a new policy is being put into practice in your foreign trade. 据说你们正在实施一种新的对外贸易政策。
    416 Id like to know some information about the current investment environment in your country? 我想了解一下贵国的投资环境。
    418 Our foreign trade policy has always been based on equality and mutual benefit and exchange of needed goods. 我们的对外贸易政策一向是以平等互利、互通有无为基础的。
    420 Who assumes shipment cost? 谁负担运费呢?
    422 When can we expect its delivery? 什么时间能发货呢?
    424 When could we typically expect delivery? 我们希望常规的发货时间是什么时候呢?
    426 How soon can you have your product ready? 你们多久才可以把产品准备好呢?
    428 Whose responsibility are the shipment charges? 运费由谁来负责呢?
    430 How long could the buyer expect your product to last? 购买者期望你们产品的使用期是多久呢?
    432 I hope to conclude some business with you. 我希望能与贵公司建立贸易关系。
    434 This is our common desire. 这是我们的共同愿望。
    436 Your desire coincides with ours. 我们双方的愿望都是一致的。
    438 We have that right here in this report. 在这份报告书内就有。
    440 We have a toll-free number for customers to call. 我们对顾客提供免费服务电话。
    442 We have an extended warranty available at extra cost. 对于额外价钱,我们有较长的保证期限。
    444 Our guarantee covers maintenance for both parts and labor. 我们的保证包括更换零件和免费保养。
    446 We certainly expect our product to be available by October first. 我们的产品可在10月1日前准备好。
    448 Delivery costs will have to be borne by the manufacturer, Im afraid. 运费恐怕要由制造厂商来承担。
    450 I think you probably know China has adopted a flexible policy in her foreign trade. 我想你也许已经了解到中国在对外贸易中采取了灵活的政策。
  作者:快乐的村姑 回复日期:2005-10-8 23:45:14 
    452 A standard one, replacement during the first year if all rules for proper use have been followed. 有一个原则,如果在一年内符合各种使用规定,就可更换。
    454 The purpose of my coming here is to inquire about possibilities of establishing trade relations with your company. 我此行的目的正是想探询与贵公司建立贸易关系的可能性。
    456 Im glad our negotiation has come to a successful conclusion. 我很高兴这次洽谈圆满成功。
    458 I think your industrial robots are the best in the field. 我认为你们的工业机器人在这领域是最好的。
    460 How much do you charge per unit? 你们每件要价多少呢?
    462 Could I have your latest catalogues? 可以给我贵公司最近的商品价格目录表吗?
    464 Wed rather have you quote us F O B prices. 希望能给我们报离岸价。
    466 Youd better give us a rough idea of your price. 您最好给我们一个粗略的价格。
    468 Please quote us as soon as you receive our inquiry. 请接到我们的询价单后马上给我们报价。
    470 Youve already quoted a price of eight hundred dollars per one thousand. 你报的价是每1000个要美金800元。
    472 We trust that you will quote us your most favorable price for big quantities. 相信由于我方大量订购贵方能给予最优惠价格。
    474 We must make it clear from the very beginning that competitive quotations are acceptable. 必须一开始就讲清的是,有竞争力的报价可以接受。
    476 Would you please tell us the price of these electric heaters so as to help us make the decision. 能否告知这些电热器的价格,以便我们作出决定。
    478 Please quote us your price on F O B basis, indicating the postage for dispatch by parcel post to Dalian via Tianjin. 请报FOB价,注明邮寄包裹途经青岛至大连的邮资。
    480 Please send us your best offer by fax indicating origin packing, quantity available and the earliest time of shipment. 请用电传给我们报最优惠价,并说明产地、包装、可供数量及最早发货日期。
    482 Im glad that weve settled the price. 很高兴我们就价格达成了共识。
    484 I can show you other quotations. 我可以把其他的价目表给你看看。
    486 The goods we offered last week are running out. 上周我们报价的货物现已售完。
    488 Were aiming its price for ninety eight dollars. 我们订价为98美元。
    490 I hope we can conclude the transaction at this price. 希望我们能就此价格达成交易。
    492 At your request, we are offering you the following items. 应你方要求,我方就如下产品报价。
    494 They are still lower than the quotations you can get elsewhere. 这些报价比其他任何地方都要低得多。
    496 I am sorry that we are unable to make you an offer for the time being. 很抱歉目前我们不能报盘。
    498 Please find enclosed our current catalogue and price-list quoting CIF New York. 随函附上我方最新的产品目录及CIF纽约报价单。
    500 Compared with the price in the international market, our quotation is quite reasonable. 和国际市场价格相比,我方报价比较合理。
  作者:快乐的村姑 回复日期:2005-10-8 23:46:11 
    502 This offer is firm subject to your acceptance reaching us not later than December fifteen. 此报盘为实盘,但以我方在12月15日前收到你方答复为准。
    504 The price we offered is more favorable than the quotations you can get from our competitors, Im afraid. 恐怕我方报价比您从我方竞争对手那儿得到的报价更优惠。
    506 We would also like to point out that we mainly settle our accounts on a documents-against-acceptance basis. 我们还想指出我们主要以承兑交单方式结帐。
    508 This offer remains open until tenth February, beyond which date the terms and prices should be negotiated anew. 此盘有效期至2月10日,超过此期限,条件及价格需重新协商。
    510 We can quote you a gross price, inclusive of delivery charges, of thirty-eight point fifty pounds per one hundred items. 我们可以给你方报毛价,每一百件38.5英镑含运费。
    512 Referring to your inquiry letter dated twenty ninth September, we are offering you the following subject to our final confirmation. 关于贵方9月29日的询价信,我方就如下产品报价,以我方最后确认为准。
    514 Thank you for your inquiry, but we cannot make you an offer right now because we are presently unable to obtain appropriate materials. 谢谢贵方询价,但我们不能马上发盘,因为目前我们得不到合适的原料。
    516 We had expected much lower prices. 我们希望报价再低一些。
    518 That brings us to the question of price. 那使我们想起价钱问题。
    520 Please show me your cards and put them on the table. 请摊牌吧。
    522 How much of a volume discount are you prepared to offer? 总折扣你们准备提供多少?
    524 In that case, we might need to reopen the question of prices. 如果是那样,我们也许需要重新讨论价格。
    526 We cant persuade the end-users to buy your products at this price. 按这个价格,我们不能说服用户购买你们的产品。
    528 If your price is unacceptable, our end-users will turn to other suppliers. 如果您的价格难以接受,我们的客户就会转向其他的供应商。
    530 It must be rather difficult for us to push any sales if we buy it at this price. 如果我们按这个价格购买,将很难推销。
    532 We would appreciate it if you let us know whether you allow cash or trade discounts. 若能告知你方是否给现金折扣或商业折扣,将不胜感激。
    534 Other suppliers have almost identical goods at the price ten percent to fourteen percent cheaper. 别的供应商有和这几乎相同的货,价格便宜10%至14%。
    536 If you insist on your original price, Im afraid you will have little chance to get the business. 如果您坚持原来的价格,恐怕您获得这笔交易的可能性极小。
    538 We intend to place large regular orders, and would therefore like to know what quantity discounts you allow. 我方将定期大量订购,因此想知道你方给多少数量折扣。
    540 It depends on the quantity ordered. 这要根据订货的数量而定。
    542 We really cant discount the price more than six percent. 我们真的无法提供超过6%的折扣。
    544 The market is declining, we recommend your immediate acceptance. 市场在萎缩,我们建议你方马上接受。
    546 When you compare the prices, you must take everything into consideration. 当你在对比价格时,必须把一切因素都考虑进去。
    548 If you take quality into consideration, you will find our price reasonable. 如果您把质量考虑进去的话,您会发现我方价格是合理的。
    550 Yes, there is, we can give a five percent discount for orders over five thousand units. 是的,有折扣,超过5000个我们可给5%的折扣
  作者:快乐的村姑 回复日期:2005-10-8 23:47:06 
    552 We usually deal on a twenty percent trade discount basis with an additional quantity discount for orders over one thousand units. 我们通常给予20%的商业折扣,外加订货1000件以上的数量折扣。
    554 We trust you can meet our requirements. 相信贵方能满足我们的要求。
    556 If Grade A is not available, Grade B will do. 如果一等品无货,二等品也可以。
    558 I want to purchase some computers from your company. 我想从贵公司购买一些电脑。
    560 The most important thing is that how many you can supply. 最重要的是你方能供货多少。
    562 We are anxious to know how long it will take you to deliver the goods. 我们急于知道贵方多长时间能交货。
    564 Wed like to know your availability and conditions of sale of this line. 我们想了解一下你方在这方面的供货能力及销售条件。
    566 Prompt delivery would be necessary as we have a fast turnover in this trade. 即期交货很重要,因为这种货流转很快。
    568 If you dont have the quality inquired for, please offer us its nearest equivalent. 如果贵方没有所要求质量的产品,请提供与之最接近的产品。
    570 We know that you are leading exporters of coal and you can provide the quantity we need. 我们知道贵方是主要煤炭出口商,能满足我们的需求量。
    572 Since we are likely to place sizable orders regularly we hope that you will make some special concessions. 由于我方将定期大批量订购,希望贵方作出一些特殊的让步。
    574 Some of our customers have recently expressed interest in your woolen carpets and inquired about their quality and prices. 目前我们的一些客户对你们的纯毛地毯颇有兴趣,并询问其质量和价格。
    576 We think your Chunlan brand air conditioners will be selling well at this end and we are looking forward to receiving your samples soon. 我们认为你方的春兰牌空调机在这里会很畅销,希望很快收到你们的样品。
    578 We will place regular orders with you. 我方将定期订购。
    580 We can offer door-to-door delivery services. 我们可提供送货上门服务。
    582 The samples you asked for will follow by separate post. 贵方所要样品另行邮寄。
    584 Would you please give us a rough idea of the quantity you require? 能告知你方大概要订多少数量的货吗?
    586 Our stock of this commodity is limited, please place your order without delay. 我方此类商品的存货有限,请尽快订货。
    588 I am pleased to say that we will be able to deliver the transport facilities you require. 很高兴告诉您,你方要求的运输设备我方可以发货。
    590 We were pleased to hear from your letter of six August that you were impressed with our selection of toys. 收到你方8月6日来函,得知你方对我们的玩具非常感兴趣,我们很高兴。
    592 I appreciate your efforts and cooperation and hope that this will be the forerunner of other transactions in future. 非常感谢贵方的努力与合作,希望这只是我们今后业务往来的开端。
    594 We have a wide selection of sweaters that will appeal to all ages, and in particular the teenager market which you specified. 我们有各种各样适合各个年龄层次的羊毛衫,特别是您专门提到的青少年市场。
    596 Well sign two originals. 我们将要签署两份原件。
    598 I am ready to sign the agreement. 我已经准备签合同了。
    600 Do you have any comment on this clause? 你对这一条款有何看法?
  作者:快乐的村姑 回复日期:2005-10-8 23:48:57 
    602 Well still be able to meet the deadline. 我们还是可以赶上最后期限的。
    604 Do you think the method of payment is OK for you? 你们认为结算方式合适吗?
    606 Please go over it and see if everything is in order. 请过目一下,看看是否一切妥当。
    608 I still have some questions concerning our contract. 合同方面,我还有些问题。
    610 Well have to discuss about the total contract price. 我们不得不讨论一下合同的总价格问题。
    612 Here are the two originals of the contract we prepared. 这是我们准备好的两份合同正本。
    614 Do you think there is something wrong with the contract? 你认为合同有问题吗?
    616 No wonder everyone speak highly of your commercial integrity. 难怪大家都极为推崇你们的商业信誉。
    618 The contract will be sent to you by air mail for your signature. 合同会航邮给你们签字。
    620 Since the contract is about to expire, shall we discuss a new one? 这个合同将到期,我们来谈谈新合同的事宜吧。
    622 If you have any comment about these clauses, do not hesitate to make. 对这些条款有何意见,请尽管提,不必客气。
    624 We have agreed on all terms in the contract, shall we sign it next week? 我们对合同各项条款全无异议,下周签合同如何?
    626 Would you please read the draft contract and make your moments about the terms? 请仔细阅读合同草案,并就合同各条款提出你的看法好吗?
    628 One party is entitled to cancel the contract if the other side cannot execute it. 如果一方不履行合同,另一方有权取消合同。
    630 The two parties involved in a contract have the obligation to execute the contract. 合同双方有义务履行合同。
    632 We hope that the next negotiation will be the last one before signing the contract. 我们希望下一次谈判将是签订合同前的最后一轮谈判。
    634 We dont have any different opinions about the contractual obligations of both parties. 就合同双方要承担的义务方面,我们没有什么意见。
    636 You can stay assured that shipment will be effected according to the contract stipulation. 你尽管放心,我们将按合同规定如期装船。
    638 It is our permanent principle that contracts are honored and commercial integrity is maintained. 重合同、守信用是我们的一贯原则。
    640 We are really glad to see you so constructive in helping settle the problems as regards the signing of the contract. 我们很高兴您在解决有关合同的问题上如此具有建设性。
    642 Packing will help push the sales. 包装有助于推销产品。
    644 Its urgent to improve the packing. 必须马上改进包装。
    646 Suggestions on packing are greatly appreciated. 我们非常欢迎大家对包装方面提出建议。
    648 Different articles require different forms of packing. 不同商品需要不同的包装。
    650 Wed like to hear what you say concerning the matter of packing. 我们很想听听你们在包装方面有什么意见
  作者:快乐的村姑 回复日期:2005-10-8 23:50:25 
    652 Full details regarding packing and marking must be strictly observed. 请严格遵守包装及商标的细则。
    654 This kind of article is often bought as a gift, so exquisite and tasteful design is of prime importance. 人们购买这种商品通常用来赠亲友,所以精美高雅的设计至关重要。
    656 Please make an offer indicating the packing. 请报价并说明包装情况。
    658 The goods will be transshipped in Hong Kong. 货物将在香港转船。
    660 Im afraid I have some rather bad news for you. 我恐怕有些很坏的消息要告诉你。
    662 Measures should be taken to reinforce the cartons. 应采取措施加固纸箱。
    664 Its faster but more expensive to ship goods by air. 空运较快但运费较高。
    666 Buyers, generally speaking, bear the change of packing. 一般来说,买方应承担包装费用。
    668 Because of the type of purchase, we can only ship by road. 由于商品的性质,我方只能使用公路运输。
    670 Its essential to choose the right means of transportation. 选择合适的运输方式很重要。
    672 How much does packing take up of the total cost of the goods? 包装占货物总成本的百分比是多少?
    674 Each single crate is heavily padded and packed with four carboys. 每只木条箱内装4只大瓶子将空余处填满。
    676 This kind of box is not suitable for the transport of the tea sets by sea. 这种箱子不适合装茶具海运。
    678 Strong packing will protect the goods from any possible damage during transit. 坚固的包装可以防止货物在运输途中受到任何损失。
    680 Do you have nay objection to the stipulations about the packing and shipping marks? 有关包装运输标记的条款你们有什么异议吗?
    682 Those goods are available in strong wooden drums of one, two, five, ten and twenty liters. 这些货物分别装入1、2、5、10、20升的木桶里。
    684 Please keep the cartons to fifteen kg each and metal-strap all cartons in stacks of four. 请将每个纸箱重量限制在15公斤内,并将每4箱一组用铁条儿固定起来。
    686 The various items of your order will be packed into bundles of suitable size for shipment. 你们定单上的各种货物被打成各种大小不同的捆儿,以便于运输。
    688 The crates are charge to you at dollars each if they are not returned to us within two weeks. 如果木条箱两星期内不归还,则每只箱扣罚五美元。
    690 To minimize any possible damage, weve packed our goods in the way to suit for long sea-voyage. 为使损失减少到最低限度,我们对货物的包装足以承受长途海运。
    692 Although the cartons are light and easy to handle, we think it is not strong enough to be shipped. 虽然这些纸箱轻便、易拿,但我们认为它们在运输中不太结实。
    694 Our first bill came yesterday. 我们昨天收到了第一张帐单。
    696 What do you want us to do? 您看怎么办好?
    698 We should require a survey report, so that we may know the extent of the damage. 我们将要求出具检验报告,以便我们能了解损坏的程度。
    700 It sounds like a reasonable solution. 这个解决办法还比较合理。
  作者:快乐的村姑 回复日期:2005-10-8 23:52:22 
    702 What is your hurry? 什么事让您这么着急呢?
    704 It does appear that way. 是的,看起来好象是这样的。
    706 Our clients are very critical on quality. 我们的客户对商品质量是很挑剔的。
    708 What on earth has happened to trouble you so? 到底发生什么事让您如此发愁?
    710 Do you know the percentage of the damaged portion? 你们知道残损部分的百分比吗?
    712 Any deviation from the contract will be unfavorable. 任何违背合同之事都是不利的。
    714 You cannot break the contract without any good reason. 如果没有什么正当理由,你们不应撕毁合同。
    716 You are saying you turn on the computer and see nothing? 你的意思是你把计算机打开后什么也看不见?
    718 Let me do some research on this and get back with you tomorrow. 请让我查查看,明天再给你答复。
    720 I would say that you have a larger problem than just the monitor. 我想你的问题比较大,不只是显示器的问题。
    722 We assume that damage occurred while the consignment was in your care. 我们认为货物是在你方保管时受到损害的。
    724 Thank you for you cooperation. 谢谢你们的合作。
    726 The goods were carefully packed and shipped here in excellent condition. 货物包装得很仔细,装船很小心,在这儿完好无损。
    728 As they are in such a damaged condition, we doubt we will be able to take delivery. 由于它们残损如此严重,恐怕我们无法提货。
    730 Some relative clauses in the contract have to be amended owing to the unexpected situation. 由于这种难以预料的情况,合同中的有关条款不得不做些修改。
    732 We have every reason to cancel the contract because youve failed to fulfill your part of it. 我们完全有理由取消合同,因为你们没有履行应遵守的合同内容。
    734 Then the damage must be caused at somewhere along the line where the goods werent handled properly. 那么残损一定是在运输途中的什么地方对货物处理不妥造成的。
    736 Any kind of backing out of the contract will be charged a penalty as has been stated in the penalty clause. 任何背弃合同的行为将受到惩罚,这已在处罚条款里写得很清楚了。
    738 All disputes arising in the course of the consignment period shall be settled amicably through friendly negotiation. 所有在运输途中引起的纠纷都将通过友好协商,妥善加以解决。
    740 The buyer has the right to cancel the contract unilaterally if the seller fails to ship the goods within the L C validity. 如果卖方不能在信用证有效期内交货的话,买方有权单方面取消合同。
    742 When would you like to leave? 你要什么时间离开呢?
    744 Do you have any other flights? 你们还有别的班机吗?
    746 Whats the fare to New York? 去纽约的机票多少钱?
    748 How much does it cost to go there by ship? 坐船到那里要花多少钱?
    750 Is there any earlier one? 还有更早一点的吗?
  作者:快乐的村姑 回复日期:2005-10-8 23:53:05 
    752 What time does the ship leave? 船什么时间启航?
    754 Could you please give me the departure time? 你能告诉我出发的时间吗?
    756 I want a package deal including airfare and hotel. 我需要一个成套服务,包括机票和住宿。
    758 Do you have a flight to New York departing at about ten a m Next Monday? 你们有下周一大约下午10点起飞到纽约的班机吗?
    760 One way or a round trip ticket? 单程票还是双程票呢?
    762 Which would you prefer, a smoking seat or a non-smoking seat? 你喜欢吸烟座还是禁烟座呢?
    764 Theres a ten thirty flight in the morning. 早上10点半有班机。
    766 The flight number is AK seven o eight on September fifth. 班机号码是9月5日AK708。
    768 Can I reconfirm by phone? 我可以用电话确认吗?
    770 Where do I pick up the ticket? 我在什么地方拿机票?
    772 Do I have to reserve a seat? 我一定要预订座位吗?
    774 Could you tell me my reservation number, please? 请你告诉我我的预订号码好吗?
    776 My reservation number is two nine nine one. 我的预订号码是2991。
    778 Id like to reserve a seat to New York. 我要预订一个座位去纽约。
    780 Would you please make my reservation to Chicago for tomorrow? 请帮我预订明天去芝加哥的座位好吗?
    782 Id like to reserve a sleeper to Chicago. 我要预订去芝加哥的卧铺。
    784 I made reservations yesterday. 我昨天预订的。
    786 Id like a refund on this ticket. 我要退这张票。
    788 Id like to buy an excursion pass instead. 我要买一张优待票代替。
    790 Could you change my flight date from London to Tokyo? 请你更改一下从伦敦到东京的班机日期好吗?
    792 Ill pick up ticket at the airport counter. 我会在机场柜台拿机票。
    794 Please open your baggage. 请把你的行李打开。
    796 May I have baggage tags? 请给我行李标签好吗?
    798 Do you have anything to declare? 你有东西要报关吗?
    800 By what time should I check in? 我该什么时间办理登机手续呢?
  作者:快乐的村姑 回复日期:2005-10-8 23:54:03 
    802 Please fill in this disembarkation card. 请你填写这张入境卡。
    804 Where is immigration? 入境处在什么地方?
    806 Where is gate six? 6号登机门在哪儿?
    808 Has this seat number started boarding? 这个座位号已开始登机了吗?
    810 What time should I be at the departure gate? 我在什么时间到登机门?
    812 Is this within the tax-free limit? 这个在免税限额内吗?
    814 Let me see your passport, please. 请让我看看你的护照。
    816 Will the flight be delayed? 这班机会延误吗?
    818 How long will the flight be delayed? 班机延误多长时间?
    820 Will the flight be canceled? 航班将取消吗?
    822 May I have a disembarkation card? 请给我一张离机卡好吗?
    824 We waited for John in the lobby of the airport. 我们在机场的大厅里等约翰。
    826 May I see a timetable? 我可以看时刻表吗?
    828 Can I cancel this ticket? 我可以取消这张票吗?
    830 How long is the ticket valid? 这车票有效期多久?
    832 Are there any discount tickets for me? 给我折扣吗?
    834 From which station does the train leave? 这列火车从哪个站开出呢?
    836 Do I need a reservation for the dining car? 我需要预订餐车吗?
    838 What time does the first train to Boston leave? 第一班去波士顿的列车什么时间开出呢?
    840 Id like to change this ticket to the first class. 我想把这张票换成头等车。
    842 How many more minutes will it take for the train to arrive? 火车还要多少分钟才到达呢?
    844 Im looking for my baggage. 我正在找我的行李。
    846 Take your baggage to the baggage section. 把你的行李拿到行李房去。
    848 Could you help me find my baggage? 请你帮我找我的行李好吗?
    850 When will the ship leave for Honolulu? 这艘船什么时候出发去檀香山?
  作者:快乐的村姑 回复日期:2005-10-8 23:55:17 
    852 I missed my train. 我未赶上火车。
    854 Excuse me, May I get by? 对不起,我可以上车吗?
    856 The train is comfortable. 坐火车很舒服。
    858 Whats the purpose of your visit? 你旅行的目的是什么?
    860 Here you are. 给你。
    862 The amount you want to transfer. 您要转帐的金额。
    864 I see, Ill go and check. 噢,原来是这样,那我再去查查看。
    866 The commission is three, please. 费用为3英镑。
    868 Would you please show me your card? 让我看看您的卡。
    870 Please fill out this remittance slip. 请填写这张汇款通知书。
    872 I suppose you want to send U S Dollars. 我想您是汇美元吧?
    874 Would you please tell me your phone number? 您能否把电话号码告诉我?
    876 Are you going to use cash or travellers cheques? 您是用现钞换呢,还是用旅行支票换?
    878 Here are you Chinese Yuan for one thousand dollars. 这是您1000美元所换的人民币。
    880 Would you care to take a seat while I make out a receipt? 请坐一会儿好吗?我给您开个收据。
    882 Your account was overdrawn fifteen dollars on the twelfth of this month. 本月12日这一天,您的帐户上透支了15美元。
    884 But you have to pay five percent commission on this money exchange. 但兑换这笔外币,您得另外付5%的手续费。
    886 Ill take M T. 那我就用信汇吧。
    888 I want to buy some travellers checks. 我想买些旅行支票。
    890 Hello, may I change some money with my Master card? 我能否用万事达卡来兑换些钱吗?
    892 I want to change some British sterling into Renminbi. 我想把一些英镑换成人民币。
    894 Would you please tell me the exchange rate for pound sterling into RMB? 请你告诉我英镑兑换人民币的汇率是多少,好吗?

By 多哈


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